ERF0011 | Pharmacy Store In-Charge

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to enable and maintain health.


To provide high quality care that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Job Description



Key Responsibilities

The Pharmacy Store In-charge will perform the following duties as guided by Avenue policies.

1.       Generate automatic L.P.Os as per set schedule and ensure they are sent to respective suppliers on time.

2.       Ensure accurate receiving, counter checking and co-signing of the invoiced orders and delivery notes as per sent L.P.O and that the brands delivered tally with the respective brands indicated on the L.P.O

3.       Ensure that drugs with an expiry less than six months are received with a Letter of Undertaking and returned to the supplier if not consumed within the 6 months.

4.       Ensure that the out-of-stock list is sent by the respective suppliers and liaise with the stock controller on alternative suppliers to avoid stock outs.

5.       Ensure that the pharmacy store has adequate stock levels at all times.

6.       Ensure timely, accurate and 100% processing of departmental automatic requisitions. If the hospital management system is down, issue manually ensuring that the items are documented on the manual book, countersigned by both parties and that they are transferred as soon as the system is back.

7.       Ensure that all processed automatic requisitions orders are correctly removed, counter checked by at least one clerk and the in charge and a copy issued for filling.

8.       Inform the respective departments on available brands if the specified brand is out of stock.

9.       Generate the short expiry and the dead stock list every month and inform the Stock Controller and the Pharmacy Manager

10.    Ensure that the daily counts, spot counts, monthly stock takes are done and give a timely, accurate report with valid explanation on variances and expiries to the Pharmacy Manager for approval of adjustment by the Stock Controller.

11.    Ensure that all stock movements including goods received, goods returned, purchases from petty cash, inter-branch transfers are captured in the HIS real time.

12.    Ensure that all inter branch transfers are checked, packed with the printed copy and are correctly documented at the Transport department for delivery to respective location.

13.    Ensure that the DDAs are dispensed as per the laid down policy, checked weekly and any discrepancies reported to the Pharmacy Manager for approval of adjustment by the Stock Controller.

14.    Ensure that the fridge temperatures are charted twice daily and any error reported to relevant department.

15.    Ensure timely and accurate entry of invoices into the hospital management system and that they are well stored to be checked and dispatched to Finance/Accounts by end of the month.

16.    Ensure a well arranged pharmacy store that is neat with a presentable workstation.

17.    Drugs/surgical items expiry management;

a.        Ensure shelf allocation for monthly checking of expiries and communicate to the Pharmacy Manager

b.       Enhance FIFO/FEFO by the use of green stickers on short expiry drugs and share the short expiry to the department in charges.

c.        Ensure that expired drugs are documented, quarantined, and disposed as per the PPB regulations.

18.    Ensure that Avenue corporate governance policies and procedures are adhered to.

a.        Prevent, detect and report any fraud or criminal activity.

b.       Fully implement audit recommendations and attain satisfactory ratings in subsequent audits.

19.    Maintain and enforce infection control standards when handling and disposing broken items.

20.    Client satisfaction;

a.        Ensure client satisfaction through high quality of service, effective communication, prompt feedback and escalation of any unresolved issues to the relevant person for follow up.    

b.       Ensure that the standardized tool for patient satisfaction feedback is filed for measurement, follow-up and improvement.

21.    Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality at all times.

22.    Ensure adequate knowledge and implementation of all Avenue policies, procedures and systems as outlined in the HRMIS.

23.    Ensure timely escalation of any urgent out of stock items to the Pharmacy Manager for manual purchase approval.

24.    Ensure that any issue pertaining to quality is escalated to the Pharmacy Manager.

25.    Any other duty as assigned by your immediate supervisor in line with the job description.

Person Specification

·         A diploma in Pharmacy. 

·         A valid pharmaceutical technologist license,

·         A certificate in procurement/supply chain will be an added advantage.

·         Not less than 3 years’ experience in Pharmacy Store Management

·         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

·         Attention to detail.